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# About Prakash Patel

Prakash Patel is an international recognized SEO Expert, SMO Consultant, Web Developer ,Ethical Hacker, Author, Cyber Crime Consultant & Investigator, and Entrepreneur.

#... Prakash Patel is Founder and CEO at www.hostkarle.com Web Hosting Solutions and has a unique experience in the field of search engine optimization and cyber security where he still continues to be instrumental in detecting cyber vulnerabilities, Cyber laws. He provide valuable and precise consultations to various industries, organizations and to the general public....!

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This is all our Services. We are not bullying around anything extra that we are not capable off. We compile client's work in time efficiently. Thats how we cut off our competitors by providing the best we can within the bearable cost.

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  • Phone: 8905123510
  • Site: www.hostkarle.Com
  • Email:admin@hostkarle.com

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